What’s a good facial cleanser for oily skin?”?

Question by Benny Blanco From The Bronx: What’s a good facial cleanser for oily skin?”?
My forehead,chin,and around my nose tend to get oily.

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Answer by Miranda
get your face wet with warm water this will open pores…then put lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar on a pad or a cotton ball and then rub it on your face all over!!!!

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  1. Well, i have oily skin and lets just say its not attractive, lol, but what i do is , the product is by Acne Free, and its oil free (3-4 dollars) to get al the grime,dirt and oil away, you will feel tightness in your face after wards,I do that every morning and everynight , after that i put on Tea Tree Oil, it is an oil but it does not feel nasty it is anti bacterial and helps smooth away acne/bumps.

  2. I will tell you now – facewashes for oily skin WILL NOT WORK.
    Why? They strip the skin of its natural oils, so even if you feel your skin just after washing as being oil free, your skin will then react by producing MORE oils as it thinks it is not producing enough. Not good!
    So, just go for a GENTLE FACEWASH like one from Simple, which have NO chemicals. The other facewashes reccomended here all have soo many chemicals which are harsh on the skin and will cause more oil over time!

    Furthermore, I would reccomend looking into Jojobal oil. It has done wonders for my oily skin. I apply it at night only, and not only has it evened out my skintone and given me a healthy glow, but it has reduced my oil production as it tricks my skin into thinking it has produced too much oil. look:

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