Effective Solutions For Oily Skin Products

Article by Jono Johnson

There are lots of products for oily skin, and night creams could be one of the best suitable solutions. Using night creams is a great way of regulating the imbalance of oil secretion and to look youthful. The reason for oily skin is, excess secretion of sebum, which is the oil secreted by the skin. The sebum level differs from person to person.

It may be a very irritating factor to have an oily skin. The right choice of oily skin products can regulate the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen keeps the skin firm while elastic allows flexibility, which is the reason why our face returns to its normal shape after a smile, or an angered expression etc. Oily skin is often hereditary, a circumstance of hormonal changes during teenage or pregnancy. Sometimes even increased heat or humidity can cause these problems.

The density of the oil secretion is mostly found on the forehead or the nose. Oil skin products can be found in two basic formulas. One of them is the oil skin face toners which use the chemical composition Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) and Zinc PCA. You can apply them with a cotton swab or pad, and by doing this, you can wipe away the oil, dirt and grime.

There are also oily face washes, which act similar the above ingredients. You can even adopt a holistic treatment with Pevonia Botanica products, which are formulated with botanicals and other natural compounds that help balance the skin’s acidity and decrease the oil production. Dermalogica is also another natural product which addresses the same philosophy.

There are other products which use natural plant hormones called phytoestrogens. Plant estrogens provide cleansing hydration without adding additional oil to the skin.

Besides these products we avoid oily skin if you wash our skin with cold water and mild soap. Not changing skin care too often also helps, along with regular shower in lukewarm water. You must take care to use only oil-free moisturizers and sun screen. Oil food can also trigger such conditions, so it’s better to keep them at a minimum. Fruit acids remove excess oil from the skin while retaining the moisture.

Cucumber juice, lemon juice and yogurt act as a good stimulant, while the other alternative can be Aloe Vera with crushed strawberries and yogurt, which also act effectively to keep oiliness under control. Mud masks also help to draw out excess oil.

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