Oily Face Treatments and Remedies

Oily Face Skin Treatment
Easy Oily Face Remedies and Treatments

Easy treatments for an Oily Face

If you have oily face, or combination skin with an oily forehead, nose and chin, then it’s important to follow a simple skin care regime to control your oily face.

An oily face is caused by your oil glands producing higher levels of oil than those with dry to normal skin. Whilst coping with an oily face can be frustrating, the good news is for those with oily skin you’re less likely to have as many wrinkles and fine lines later in life, so it’s not all bad.

Managing an oily face is not complicated, it’s about using the right products designed for your skin, and following some simple rules to keep your pores clean and your skin Ph balanced. These steps will help you manage your oily face, and reduce the appearance of a shiny T-Zone, around your forehead, nose and chin.

Step 1: Choosing the right cleanser for an Oily Face

The first step in a simple regime to control an oily face is to use your preferred cleanser for oily skin.

The most suitable cleanser will be either clear or gel based, and it will be both soap and oil free. Cream cleansers might be tempting to use, however these are designed for dry skin, not oily skin.
The use of bar soaps is also to be avoided as these can dry out the skin, which triggers your oil glands to start producing more oil.

When you suffer from oily skin, you may be tempted to cleanse too often as your skin can feel greasy and oily, however it is recommended to use cleanser once a day in the evening. Cleansing too frequently can over stimulate the oil glands and make your oily face worse.

Prior to cleansing, be sure to remove make up first using a proper make up remover.
To cleanse your oily face, first wet your face with luke warm water to help open your pores and remove any dirt, then apply a small amount of cleanser and massage gently into your face and forehead, then rinse thoroughly with luke warm or cool water.
In the morning, simply wash your face with luke warm water to remove any excess oil from the overnight moisturizer, without cleansing.

Step 2: Exfoliating an Oily Face

It’s important to exfoliate your oily face, as this helps control the oil build up and removes dead skin cells that can make your complexion dull.

This step is often missed in skin care regimes and it’s important to include a weekly exfoliation to help manage your skin.

The recommendation is to use a gentle facial scrub with tiny grains, and try to avoid cheaper scrubs with larger grains as these can damage your pores.

If you have read the other content on this website, you’ll know about a couple of remedies you can try to exfoliate at home. Try using Aloe Vera mixed with ground oatmeal to make a light paste, or alternatively mix a small amount of ground almonds with honey to create your own face masks and scrubs.

Apply either of the remedies gently to your oily face, leave on for fifteen minutes, and then rinse off thoroughly. Of course you can also apply your preferred exfoliant for oily skin, and rinse off thoroughly in luke warm or cool water.

Exfoliating once a week should become an important part of your skin care regime to manage an oily face and skin.

Step 3: Choosing a Moisturizer for Oily Skin

You may be thinking that oily skin does not need moisturizing. Well, even those with an oily face and oily skin still need to moisturize.

The reason is that moisturizers help lock the moisture into your skin, which keeps your skin balanced and can slow down the oil glands production leading to an improvement when suffering from an oily face.

When your skin becomes dry, oil glands produce more oil, so keeping your skin moisturized actually helps.

Selecting the right moisturizer is important, as you need to choose one designed for oily skin that is light, oil free, and contains sun protection as well.

After cleansing in the evening, apply a little moisturizer, and apply again in the morning prior to applying your make up. This will help balance your oily face, and slow down the oil glands production.

If you’re concerned about applying a moisturizer prior to wearing make up, then an alternative in the morning is to apply aloe vera gel to your skin, which will calm and cool your skin, and it is a wonderful addition to your skin care regime to help manage an oily face.

Simple skin care regime for an Oily Face

Three easy steps is all it takes to help control an oily face, cleansing your skin and pores, exfoliating once a week, and applying the right moisturizer.

When selecting products, choose those that are designed for oily skin, and don’t be afraid to test different products to find the one that suits your skin type best.

Also be aware that the best products to manage an oily face do not need to be the most expensive you can find. For example, a great cleanser for an oily face is called Purpose, made by Johnson and Johnson, which is consistently voted as one of the best cleansers in a wide range of magazines, and it is recommended by dermatologists, and the cost – around $6 from your local drug store.

We hope you have found this easy skin care regime for oily face informative and helpful and we would love to hear from you.

If you have feedback and any additional tips to help deal with an oily face, don’t be shy, add your comment into the form below.

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