BB Cream: Top 5 BB Creams for Oily Skin w/ Swatches (Part 1)

Follow Me on Twitter:!/maddjsas This was a requested video. Hope this helps. Have a good one! 1. Legere/L’egere White Multi BB Cream 2….

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  1. Hey! Don’t get me wrong, the Skin79 is great in terms of color. I actually
    do like it. I still thing Le’gere has the best color out of the ones I’ve
    tried but Skin79 was still good. The main reason i don’t like it is because
    the don’t like the coverage. When I made this video my skin was very bad. I
    had horrible acne and needed pretty good coverage, so this BB cream didn’t
    do well in terms of doing that. I think they might work the same in terms
    of oil control though. Hope this helps.

  2. Hey! If you are referring to the Skin79 BB cream (pink) then I have tried
    it. It was a nice shade and it did fairly well with oils but it didn’t have
    the best coverage for me. Because I have acne scarring it doesn’t cover it
    up all that well. I have not tried the Dream Girls one but if I am not
    mistaken their might be a review on it. Hope this helps. Have a great

  3. hi there nice video ^^ i was wondering on which you would recommend for
    someone who is looking for good coverage and oil control? 🙂 im also kind
    of tan and i find it really hard to find bb creams that match me perfectly
    xD i dont really know my shade in mac but im 320 true beige in revlon
    colourstay … i was debating on getting either the lioele triple the
    solution bb cream or the L’egere White Multi BB Cream , which would you
    suggest ? : )

  4. @maddjsas Thank you! I will check it out!! 🙂 I looked on your page to see
    where you are from. Where are those island? I looked because I thought you
    might be from hawaii where I live.

  5. I always get mine from imomoko(dot)com If you are interested, I also did a
    video on where to buy BB creams. Check it out if you want. Thanks for
    stopping by and watching! Have a great week!

  6. Hey! To be honest not many BB creams are pink based. Most have a grayish
    neutral tone to them. The ones that I think are good as far as coverage are
    Dr. Jart Silver Label and Etude House Bright Fit. For oil control Etude
    House Sun BB and Le’gere Multi White BB (these have a decent amount of
    coverage). Those are the ones that I would recommend. It just depends on
    what it more important to you. Hope this helps!

  7. I don’t know too much about BB creams for lighter skin because I have tan
    skin. I think Missha has a #13 for lighter skin. But I’m not 100% sure. I
    would advise that you look for a BB cream that you are interested in and
    get the lightest shade, usally #1 or #13 or #21. Hope this helps!

  8. Awww thank you. Yes, coming from someone who suffers from the same type of
    skin, I would say that BB creams do indeed help a lot better that
    foundations for those problems. from the information here, I would
    recommend, Lioele Triple the Solution, Etude House Bright Fit or Etude
    House Sun BB Cream. I think those would suit your shade and work well well
    for oil control. I would say that the Sun BB & Lioele might work a little
    better for oil. Hope this helps and thank you for watching! ^_^

  9. Hey! Who said? haha. Not sure who “she” is. I had the same problem when I
    first started but 2 thing I do now is either just blot because the makeup
    doesn’t come off my face (only 2 bb creams do this for me) or just powder
    over. The powder gives you a light cover for the bb cream that comes off
    and it also absorbs the oils. In my opinion adding more bb cream isn’t the
    best idea because I hate building bb cream. I find it be cakey looking.
    Hope this helps sweetie!

  10. The best one I’ve tried is the one I mentioned in my last comment. Etude
    House Sun BB Cream. Very good BB cream for your needs.

  11. @crazieecool Hey! I just posted the names of the 5 BB Creams in the
    description box. Let me know if you’d like anything else. Hope you’re
    having a good day and thanks for visiting my channel!

  12. @chocolatecupcakeful Hi! Yes it does come in one shade. Just be sure it is
    the L’egere White Multi BB Cream. They have a Double White O2 BB in a
    purple tube and another one that looks very similar to the White Multi one.
    So just be sure to get the right one. L’egere White Multi BB Cream (It
    comes in a 50 ml tube). Hope this helps. Have a great weekend!

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