Are you suffering from Oily Skin?

Remedies for Oily Skin
Are You Suffering From Oily Skin?

Are you looking for tips and treatment to help with oily skin? Do you suffer from a shiny nose, forehead, and chin? Is your oily skin causing issues with cosmetics or make up, blemishes, and acne?

Oily skin can be hard to control and it can be embarrassing. Some people experience oily skin during their teens, others may have oily skin when pregnant, or later in life and for some people it may be an issue everyday.

To solve your oily skin issues, it’s important to understand what causes oily skin and the other factors that can affect your skin, so you can focus on the right oily skin remedies for your needs.

What’s the cause of oily skin?

Your body has sebaceous glands, also know as oil glands that are beneath the skin. Sebaceous glands produce an oily compound, called sebum, which is used to keep your skin protected and moisturized. Oily skin is caused when your body produces too much sebum, leaving your skin and face shiny and oily. Excess sebum can also cause other skin care issues, such as blemishes and acne.

Why do I have oily skin?

For those suffering with oily skin, it’s important to understand it can be caused by a range of different factors. Let’s look at the primary causes, and highlight some simple steps you can take to help treat your skin.

Soaps and Skin Cleansing:

When your skin is oily, you may feel the need to use strong soaps or cleansers which contain high amounts of alcohol, thinking this is giving your skin a deeper clean. You may also be inclined to wash your face frequently, to reduce the oiliness of your skin.
Cleansing with high alcohol products, strong soaps, or washing your face to often is not recommended as this can remove too much oil from your skin, which then over stimulates your oil glands to produce more oil, making your skin worse.
The recommendation is to use mild soaps or mild cleansers and not to wash your face too frequently, so your oil glands produce less oil.

Cosmetics and Make Up:

If you’re suffering from oily skin, make sure the cosmetics you use are not oil based. Cosmetics that are formulated for oily skin are recommended, as these should last longer when applied and should not aggravate your skin. When applying creams or lotions select those that are non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin, as the heavy based lotions will make oily skin worse.


Many people believe that diet is the cause of oily skin. Whilst no scientific studies have confirmed that this is the cause, a healthy diet will be beneficial for all skin types. Avoiding greasy foods, fried foods, and foods high in fat for example are likely to improve your skin and your complexion. A balanced diet containing whole grains, beans and nuts will help with your vitamin levels, or alternatively take vitamin supplements daily, as vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin B2 and B5, can worsen an oily skin problems.

Hormones Imbalances:

Some hormones can cause the sebaceous glands to become over stimulated, producing higher amounts of oil than usual. Each person reacts differently to hormone changes and the impact that this may have on the sebaceous glands. Going through adolescence creates changes in your body and the sebaceous glands become enlarged, which can lead to oily skin, blemishes and acne for teens. Mild cleansers and or soaps are recommended to control oily skin, which also helps reduce the chances of acne and breakouts.
The use of birth control pills, menopause or pregnancy can also change the hormonal balance and this can lead to increased oil production in the oil glands as well.

Additional factors that can cause Oily Skin

Other factors than can contribute to oily skin are:

  • High humidity for extended periods – try to avoid high humidity if possible, air conditioning lessens the effects of oily skin.
  • General working conditions e.g. working in a high temperature environments, such as kitchens, can lead to oily skin. Try to wipe excess oil from the skin with oil absorbing tissues, and to wash you face to reduce the oily build up. This will also help reduce any acne breakouts that may occur.
  • Smoking, enlarges the skin’s pores allowing more oil to be released onto the skin’s surface. Try to cut down on smoking if you can.
  • Genetics – if oily skin is common in your family, it may be that you are predisposed to having oilier skin that normal, however this can be managed with easy remedies and some simple skin care tips.
  • So, what are the best remedies for oily skin?

Finding the right remedies for your Oily Skin

Now you know what causes oily skin, and why you may suffer from it, you will be able to determine the best skin remedies to start improving your skin today. If you cleanse regularly with mild cleansers, follow a healthy diet, and use the right makeup and cosmetics you’re taking the right steps towards improving your skin, reducing the shininess of an oily face, and lowering the amount of oil your glands produce. To find the best remedies and tips to help your oily skin, please browse the other content on our website.

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  1. Very helpful info. I’m going to switch to using a mild soap, as I’ve been using a strong cleanser recently and had more breakouts now it’s getting warmer. Thanks!

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