Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Home Remedies for Oily Skin
Home Remedies for Oily Skin

If have oily skin, and suffer from a shiny forehead, chin and nose, we’d like to share some home remedies for oily skin to help you control shininess and improve your complexion.

Lots of different factors can cause oily skin, from hormonal changes, stress, cosmetics, moisturizers and even genetics, and it can be frustrating dealing with a shiny face and a build up of oil.

To help you control and manage an oily face, here are a few simple home remedies for oily skin, which are affordable and easy to follow.

Simple Home Skin Remedies for Oily Skin

The wonders of Aloe Vera, one of the best remedies for oily skin:

Aloe Vera gel is available from most drug stores and it’s one of the cost effective and simplest remedies for oily skin. After washing your face, simply apply a small amount of aloe vera to your face, focusing on the oily areas, and let the gel dry naturally. Aloe Vera will help clear your pores and it absorbs oil from your skin. For an extra refreshing feeling, keep the Aloe Vera in the fridge then apply which soothes and cools your skin. Aloe Vera is wonderful for reducing the oily build up on your face, and helps to reduce the effects of a shiny nose, forehead and chin.

Use Oil Absorbing tissues for an Oily Face:

During the day, when your face becomes oily, try using oil absorbing tissues, which you can buy from a cosmetics store. Using oil absorbing tissues around your nose, forehead and chin will noticeably reduce the shine as the tissues absorb the oil from your face. If you can’t source oil absorbing tissues, then normal tissues are effective too.

Cucumber and Lemon Juice:

Cucumber juice and lemon juice combined are one of the best remedies for oily skin.
Simply mix up a small amount of lemon juice and cucumber juice in equal parts, and apply to your face, focusing on the oily areas. As this is a watery mixture you only need to apply sparingly, and then let the mix dry. Once the mix has dried, then wash your face in warm water. This mix cleans the oils from your pores, and shrinks your pores a little. This mix can also help if you’re suffering from acne, and it can help reduce the scarring effects of blemishes.

Drink lots of Water:

Keeping your body hydrated can slow the production of oil from your glands, and increasing your water intake can also improve your complexion and skin tone. When your body is dehydrated, your oil glands can start producing more oil, leading to a shiny face and oily skin problems.

Simple Face Masks are great remedies for Oily Skin:

Make your own face scrubs at home. Try mixing aloe vera with oatmeal to make a light paste. Gently massage into to your skin around your nose, forehead and chin, avoiding any areas where you have acne if possible. Leave the mixture on for around 15 minutes and then wash off thoroughly. These face masks are quick and easy to prepare, making them one of the most popular mask remedies for oily skin.

Easy Exfoliating Scrub for Oily Skin:

If you prefer to use a scrub as opposed to a mask, mix a small amount of ground almonds with liquid honey and gently apply to the oily areas of your face. Leave on for around 15 minutes and wash off thoroughly.

Remedies for Oily Skin Summary

These are all simple home remedies for oily skin that are inexpensive and easy to try.

Using these remedies regularly will help control your oily skin, and reduce the effects of a shiny face.

Should you have other solutions or recommendations for home remedies for oily skin, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback, so have you say below.

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