Q&A: How to get a flawless clear complexion and get rid of oily shiny skin (permanently)?

Question by Kikki: How to get a flawless clear complexion and get rid of oily shiny skin (permanently)?
Okay I really need some good help ASAP! Helpful advice, no negativity please…

I suffer from oily, shiny skin and stubborn pimples here and there. I know good skin is pretty much in your genes or but I’m generally healthy and sporty and still my skin isn’t great.
I wash my face twice everyday (once in the morning, once in the evening) with Avene cleanance gel – which is supposed to be gentle and for oily skin – but it doesn’t do much to get rid of my shiny/oily face or the pimples I have. I’ve had the same redness and pimples for months now!

I aware that washing your face too much just causes more oil so I don’t overwash it. I want to reduce the shine all over as well as to get rid of the redness on my face and even out my skin tone for the long term. How can I do this?

I use blotting pads sometimes and I recently bought a Maybelline oil control loose powder from a local pharmacy that I plan to use at school (everyday maybe?) in hopes of getting rid of the excess oil on my face – I haven’t tried it yet though but is it a good idea?

Up until now I’ve never really used much makeup and powders or whatever on my face as my mother insists that it is best to let my face breath and to be natural which I agree with, but what is the solution to a normal skin type?

I’ve heard that Bare Minerals is a good brand – can someone give me examples of some good products by Bare Minerals that might work for me and that suit my situation? (I’ve never had experience with the brand – are the products natural?).

…please give me any nice tips or products that ACTUALLY work… I really hate my skin and I would just love a beautiful clear face with no shine or the gross oiliness when I wake up every morning.

*extra details might be added later on at the bottom*

Thanks in advance, the help is all really really appreciated!!

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Answer by Andrew
Drink lots of water. Make sure you get a full 8 hours sleep. Stick to a skin care routine a clenser toner and moisturiser. Look up products for you skin type. Oatmeal mask has helped my complexion i do it once a week and it makes my face glow and reduces redness. Witch hazel for spots is really good and helps spots. Some other natural ingredents are tea tree oil (very good for killing bacteria) Toothpaste not gel toothpaste though ( this dries out spots) Olive oil there are many sucess stories on this helping peoples acne. Leaving vaseline on skin over night gets rid of redness i don’t no how it works but it does.

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Goodbye to Oily and Shiny Face

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Are there products for guys with shiny oily face?

Question by jonny sin72: Are there products for guys with shiny oily face?
I am in my thirties and within the last 2 years i’ve noticed that my face has gotten very shiny and oily. When I shave I can tell the part of my face that was shaved and it looks dry, while the rest of my face looks shiny and oily. Are there any products out there for men with oily shiny skin?

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Answer by jonnyraven
Yes, there are face washes for men. You can find them in the skin care section of a supermarket or drugstore

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Shiny, oily face help: quick tips!

If you find your face getting shiny or greasy-looking during the day, try these tips and tricks to keep your skin matte! You’ll also notice that you’re breaking out less, because you won’t have so much oil sitting on your skin for hours. I hope this is helpful! Subscribe to Allie (the one on the left): www.youtube.com tell her I sent you!! Products mentioned: The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream CoverGirl trublend minerals powder (any face powder will do) Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Blotting Sheets Deodorant! Contact me: Email: GotGorgeous07@yahoo.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/gotgorgeous07 FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this video were purchased by us. We aren’t affiliated with any of the companies we talked about, nor is this a sponsored video. All opinions are my own, as always. =)
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When Oily Skin Turns A Shiny Face Into Pimple Central It Is Time To Act

Article by Louise Forrest

Oily skin is defined as skin that is shiny, thick and often covered with unsightly blemishes. People with oily skin will do anything to reverse it and those without it seem to do everything to prevent it. Oily skin is often hereditary, so chances are if you have it you inherited it from a former family member.

That’s not to say that you cannot develop oily skin however. There are many people that develop oily skin through improper skin protection and just plain uncaring skin care. But how do you know when its time to act?

It’s time to combat oily skin as soon as it begins posing problems. There are millions of Americans that suffer from mild oily skin each year but there are many who suffer from severe cases as well. The problem is many people wait until their mild case of oily skin turns into a severe case before they actually do anything!

If you even suspect your skin leans toward the oily side then you should take precautions now to stay on the safe side. Oily skin will be more open to blemishes and pimples then dry skin (because it is more open) but there are many remedies that you can take for this. Just check out your local drugstore and you’ll be swimming in oily skin products and remedies.

Many people have a love/ hate relationship with oily skin, abet more hate then love for sure, but oily skin does have its benefits. Before you start heckling, oily skin comes with several advantages that work to a person’s benefit in the long haul; let me explain:

Oily skin is less prone to develop discolorations. Especially when a person in their teens or early 20s they have an increased tendency to have skin discolorations. The skin may have marks or spots of red rashes on the surface, which can be unsightly. A person with oily skin actually lowers their chances of developing these discolorations and in fact, they probably won’t have to worry about it at all.

Oily skin helps prevent wrinkles and lines in the skin. Younger people don’t tend to look this far into the future but the oily skin that they are suffering from right now will benefit them down the road because it will keep them wrinkle free longer. As the skin ages the chances of developing fine lines and wrinkles increases. It is a natural affect of the body but since oily skin has more moisture then non-oily skin the skin will fight wrinkles more efficiently.

Oily skin tans better then non-oily skin. Now this is a benefit that a person can appreciate no matter what age they are. Everyone loves a good tan and those with oily skin will have an increased ability to have a darker tan because their skin is more resistant to burning to turning bright red due to sun exposure. Someone with dry skin has a good chance of burning in the sun but someone with oily skin will just get tanner quicker.

Oily skin typically doesn’t develop freckles. Some people love freckles while others despise them. That said, oily skin is less prone to developing freckles and for most people this will be a positive thing. While they will have to live with a shiner complexion they will get away from freckles.

The most important consideration when dealing with oily skin is catching it before it gets too bad. Most people only have mild cases and they never go past that stage but if it does it can be much tougher to treat. Don’t get discouraged if you have oily skin because it does have its benefits (as listed above) but know that there are several cleansing products that you can take to lessen the affects of oily skin.

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Q&A: How to Get Rid Of Shiny Oily Skin?? {10 Points}?

Question by MaydayParade: How to Get Rid Of Shiny Oily Skin?? {10 Points}?
I’m alright in the morning and everything but by the middle of the day i my face is so shiny and oily, probably because its hot but its only me! No one else gets like it!

I wash my face everyday, use a clean and clear toner for oily skin which does get the oil and dirt off my skin but doesnt help in the long run, i cant take it to school with me! I also moisturize my skin with an oil free moisturizer.

Can Anyone Give Me Tips On How To Get Rid or Make my oily skin less noticeable?

Thanks In Advance,
Best Answer 10 Points 🙂

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Answer by Frizzle
Hi Jazzie,

I have had lots of problems with my skin in the past, so I completely understand how frustrated you must feel. This may seem a bit weird, but one product I have had a lot of success with is called Rose Hip Oil. Like I said, it seems weird, cos you would think that applying an oil such as this to already oily skin would make it worse, but because it is natural it seems to work really well. It’s a dry oil, so it doesn’t feel really gross or anything. It also helps with acne and redness and stuff like that. It does smell a bit like rose petals, so beware of that. It’s not a bad smell, but it is an unusual one.

Also, you mentioned that you have trouble throughout the day cos you can’t take your cleanser to school. Have you thought about buying those cleansing wipes that you can keep in your bag or locker so you can just use them to wipe your face when you need to? You don’t have to use any water, so they’re really quick and easy and they make your face feel so much fresher.

You don’t mention whether acne is a problem for you, but if is, the best advice I can give you is to go to your doctor. I was having problems a few years ago, and the doctor prescribed some tablets called Doxycycline and they truly were a godsend. For the first time in my life, I was actually complimented on how nice my skin was which was a really good feeling.

Hope I helped

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How do I get rid of shiny/ oily skin?

Question by supasaing: How do I get rid of shiny/ oily skin?
I wash my face twice a day once in the morning and at night, after the wash im clean for about 2 hours and then it gets all oily and shiny again. Is there something I can use that I can apply that will last a few hours that I can reapply besides makeup? I know about the blotting paper but i’d have to blot lik every hour to stop the shine.

Best answer:

Answer by lemondrop
My friend ordered this stuff from philosphy and she gave me some to try. I really like it and I think you might benefit from this product. It’s called “the present”…..Remember-don’t wash your face too much because you need oils on your face so if you wash it too much your face will produce more oil because it’s trying to make up for what it lost. Even though your face is oily, you need to moisturize it. Use an oil free moisturizer for oily skin. So if you use “the present”, I would wash face in morning and put it on, then at night-wash face and put on oil free moisturizer and then put “the present” on. Like I said, it’s expensive but it works like a clear powder/foundation. It’s kinda hard to explain. Maybe you can ask for a sample before you buy it…….http://www.philosophy.com/web/store/AjaxCatalogSearchView?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&showResultsPage=true&searchType=ALL&searchTerm=the+present (the clear powder one on the right is for men and women, but you can use either one)

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