How do I get rid of shiny/ oily skin?

Question by supasaing: How do I get rid of shiny/ oily skin?
I wash my face twice a day once in the morning and at night, after the wash im clean for about 2 hours and then it gets all oily and shiny again. Is there something I can use that I can apply that will last a few hours that I can reapply besides makeup? I know about the blotting paper but i’d have to blot lik every hour to stop the shine.

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Answer by lemondrop
My friend ordered this stuff from philosphy and she gave me some to try. I really like it and I think you might benefit from this product. It’s called “the present”…..Remember-don’t wash your face too much because you need oils on your face so if you wash it too much your face will produce more oil because it’s trying to make up for what it lost. Even though your face is oily, you need to moisturize it. Use an oil free moisturizer for oily skin. So if you use “the present”, I would wash face in morning and put it on, then at night-wash face and put on oil free moisturizer and then put “the present” on. Like I said, it’s expensive but it works like a clear powder/foundation. It’s kinda hard to explain. Maybe you can ask for a sample before you buy it……. (the clear powder one on the right is for men and women, but you can use either one)

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