Summer Skin Cleanser Care Routine for Oily Skin

hmu Facebook: Twitter: Hello World so this is my new facial routine for the summer and I have been using this routine for a few months and love it! I have oily skin and this routine is perfect for the control of oil production! Products used: Olay advanced cleansing system purity two in one cleanser by philosophy mario bedescu drying lotion My honest and open opinion! & noooo im not getting paid for this! Its jus my opinion!! When comparing the clarisonic to the olay the diffrence is definitly the price clarisonic-5+ olay-. Also, the clarisonic vibrates the skin to remove dirt, oil, and pollution on the skin. The olay brush rotates 360 to remove all that out and away from the skin. I have used both items but in comparision and giving my honest opinion I dont think its worth spending 3x as much for the clarisionic then for the olay. So basically try the olay first, and if u dont believe me go to your local department store and ask for a demonstration! They want to sell you that baby so they will be more then happy to do that for u! Sorry for the video quality but i was on the webcam.. Wanted to make it short and to the point so i didnt bust out with the camcorder! Love you all and thanks so much for watching!! xoxox
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    take care! 🙂

  2. Wow that’s a great tip,i’m gonna search in my country for the Olay cleansing system.I believe you girl, i found the Clarisonic already very expensive and didn’t bought it.Thanks for this great tip ! xxx

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