Beauty Review: Face Moisturisers for Oily Summer Skin!

See down here for product info and stockists etc! xxx I am on holiday so please bear with me if you leave a comment! This video goes through quite a few ligh…
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  1. you look AWESOME in those sunglasses =0 not everyone can pull em off but on you look like a total rockstar, a gorgeous one at that. ­čÖé ur so beautiful all the time. anyways, im adding this to my favorites for reference to gel moisturizers i need to try. gels are definitely my fav and they work really well on my skin. im using the korres pomegranate gel and its good, but´╗┐ id like to try something else that may be better. thanks so much for the help!! xo- Neo

  2. Heya, I’m obviosuly not Ruth but I too used the 3 step program and I found it stripped my skin´╗┐ and actually made my skin produce far too much oil. I was on Number 2 – Dry/Combo. xxx

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing. Another good´╗┐ option is to try a BB cream that controls sebum production, like the BRTC Blemish Recover Balm.

  4. Ruth your videos always make me smile! I love the wobbly comments and´╗┐ the beginnings the video! thanks for the video- I’m desperate for a new moisturiser and after returning from hol my skin is horrid so the clarisonic has come out! BTW I love Mr Bear!

  5. Thanks! These are definitely the best hydrating creams! I would add one more great´╗┐ moisturizer to your list: “Make A Difference Skin rejuvenating treatment” by Origins. I keep going back to this one after colds or after any other moisturizer that my skin doesn’t tolerate any more. It melts so nice in the skin without any oily residues. It has a slight citrus feeling on the skin.I hope they never discontinue it.

  6. I’m a bit late to the party on this but´╗┐ shiseido do a beautiful range called pureness. There’s a small pot of gel-cream and a mattifying moisturizer in a pump, both are light and lovely for oily skin.

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