oily skin treatment?

Question by Ben N: oily skin treatment?
I need something to help oily sking cause it looks like you can fry french fries on my face! I need a treatment that will help oily skin all day and wont dry out my skin.

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Answer by sheldon yeung

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  1. clean and clear. Also make sure when you rinse you use COLD water, otherwise your pores will be left open and dirt can get in!

  2. go to a Clinique counter in a department store and buy men’s treatment (special soap and an astringent) works like magic.
    The best there is and easy on your skin. You will see permanent results after 2 days.

  3. Clerasil overdries my skin and causes redness.

    I like a product called O.C. 8 (formerly Clinac O.C.). It is the best for soaking up oil all day. It’s very hard to find. Ask your pharmacist or dermatologist. The other thing your can do is look up the product online and find out who distributes it in your area.

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