Natural Acne Treatment For Oily Skin – Acne Home Remedy Natural acne treatment advice that works! In order to get rid of oily causing acne skin you must cut out low quality dairy and meat products. Be sure to stay away from stressful situations and anything that causes your body to feel fear, stress, anger or any other negative emotion that stresses and tenses your body up. Also be sure to use the masks located in the other videos on my channel to balance out your skin and dry it out so it isn’t as oily. These at home acne remedies work! just use them! Thanks! Please like, comment and share! David “The Skin” King

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  1. The American Institute Of Advanced Medicine can help! They have over 25 years experience and over 90% success rate for a varity for skin disorders including cystic acne check out their protocols really work!!

    Their medication is FDA approved with no side effects! ** Not a scam!

  2. @acneerasingsecrets I have Dematitis Seborraic.. or something like that. It’s awful even thought I’m using medicated soap and shampoo :S

  3. Thanks for sharing your advice and information on getting rid of acne and getting clear skin!

    If you have any questions about acne or breakouts let me know… I’m sure I can help!


    David “The Skin” King

  4. @acneerasingsecrets Alright will do man I appreciate it! ….Im going to look at Sibu and try that out. Im using Adovia natural acne soap right now, but I dont know I might switch. Ill try to ease down on the starch but its hard since Im currently trying to gain weight in the gym again. So I usually have to eat alot of protien from chicken and fish, and get my carbs from oatmeal and rice.

  5. @undergroundtrife72 Drink spring or purified water, eat the veggies & fruits organic and raw… use the products that I recommend such as the soap from sibu or just natural skincare instead of cetaphil and then let me know what happens.

  6. @undergroundtrife72 There are a lot of factors that determine whether your skin is clear or not. First, are the fruits and vegetables you are eating organic? are you eating them raw? Also… is the water your drinking tap water? Or spring or purified… spring or purified is better. Also… eat less potatoes…. starchy foods can aggravate and cause more acne. Also cetaphil is a horrible product, it contains proplene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate AND parabens… that product is junk!

  7. @acneerasingsecrets Honestly man im so frustrated. I eat healthy, hardly any dairy is in my diet. I never eat anything with sugar. All I eat is Rice, potatoes, fish, chicken, vegtebles, some fruits now and there. I take vitamins everyday, and drink tons of water. I sleep atleast 9 hrs. I never use anything harsh chemicals on my face, just cetaphil cleanser or an all natural soap for my face. BUT I still have acne…I honestly dont get it man, can you help me out with some advice or something

  8. @Letta510 Birth control pills will affect acne, pimples and how oily your skin is. Honestly, I would get off it asap… it’s bad for your health and messes with healthy balanced hormone function. That is probably the biggest problem with your skin is the birth control pills. I would stop taking them and make sure that you are drinking enough pure water each day to keep your body clean and flush out the toxins.

  9. I have no idea what is wrong with my face, since this summer it has been oily but my whole life its been dry and never have a breakout. now i have pimples, HUGE pores, and just discusting oily skin. i started and ended taking birth control this summer idk if that has anything to do with it. but is there a way to get back to normal or drier skin??? i have no idea what to do. and is there any makeup that wont make it worse cuz i dnt think i can give up makeup completly

  10. @infamousamor Look at the personalized acne treatment video on my channel… that will help you understand where your chin acne is coming from.

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