My skin very oily and i m looking like very old men?

Question by Sahil: My skin very oily and i m looking like very old men?
My skin very oily and i m looking like very old men?
I am 24 years old but my skin is not like other young peoples who have good Mustache and fresh face …
but my skin very oily and i don,t have good Mustache and i am looking like old man .

When I was 18 so I had used a lot of creams and face masks and many other things like fiesel. So now my skin looks like old and i am feeling very bad ………. please tell me what should i do now for my face

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Answer by Zexter
Having an oily skin means that your skin has a better protection when it comes to natural aging. The oil produced by sebaceous glands under your skin moisturizes your skin and therefore does not let your skin to become dry and damaged. If you do not have a moustache it could be because of your genetics and having a moustache is not a mandatory need in a man’s life although you can implant hairs in your moustache area with surgery. I suspect because you have used too many creams and many of these creams contain chemicals that could actually not be good for your skin. There are natural remedies such as putting cucumber and yogurt on your skin but its hard to give you a clear answer since i have not seen your skin. You can talk to a dermatologist for the best answer on your problem.

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  1. Oily skin gives you big pores, dry skin gives you wrinkles. If your skin is too oily, maybe use blotting paper throughout the day (go into the restroom or something), Clean & Clear makes them. Talk to cosmeticians in the mall, and ask for products that are for oily skin. Be careful not to overwash your face, because overdrying your skin can make it produce even more oil. Maybe go get a professional facial once a month or so. 24 is not too young for it by no means!

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