How to Stop Oily Skin ~

PLEASE NOTE: Even if your skin is EXTREMELY oily you still need to moisturize. In fact it probably means you’re not hydrating your skin enough. I think of oi…
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  2. Thanks so so much for this tip! I used it today and my makeup stayed matte all day! Yay! lol but seriously this helped me out a lot i usually use oil removing wipes all day and still by the end of the day my makeup is pretty much gone.

  3. I recommend the original. I’m actually going to watch the remake tonight. What’s a horror movie you’d recommend. Sorry the questions have nothing to do with oily skin or magnesium milk. Lol. I’m trying to think of a way bring it back to the subject but I’m thinking of horror genre.

  4. Woah, you make the most boring subject matter kinda interesting. Lucky I haven’t had to deal with oily skin. Anyways thanks for posting something new. My day was lame and work was a drag. This is kinda random but talk about Evil Dead! I can’t wait till tomorrow! Do you like horror films?

  5. Oh my god i mean if youre gonna throw up from consuming it i totes understand but putting like a .01 millimeter layer of it on your face idk man i mean theres no smell or anything either but if its gonna cause you to regurgitate your innards u should probably avoid it

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