Bye Bye Oily Skin! Easy Cheap Remedy! + BIG UPDATE :P

Buy Makeup Brushes Here: Free gift with purchase over Sign up for Ebates to get so much % back on every online purchase you make: In Today’s Video I tell you about a bargain product I found that will completely eliminate oil! Milk of Magnesia! Sounds weird but, It’s amazing. This product in combination with my primer has completely dried up my oils and I can wear makeup for 10+ hours with no touchups!!! Buy it at pharmacies, Dollar stores, Walmarts…pretty much everywhere has Milk of Magnesia. NOTE: I DO NOT recommend you try this unless your skin is very oily. This product is powerful and can make a person with oily skin peel if you use too much. If you do have very oily skin use a very thin layer. If you peel or your skin gets dry you are using too much. Milk of Magnesia Reviews on MakeupAlley: Read for yourself! This stuff is da bomb! 😛 I personally apply this after my primer but some people use this alone as a primer. I would suggest not doing that because it will dry out the normal parts on your skin. Only use on oily areas. I let it dry very well then apply my foundation as normal. Works fantastic and as you can see in the video I’m not shiny!!!! First time in my life I have been not shiny after 10 hours. Normally my makeup wears off in 2-3 hours because of the oil 🙁 So I decided to pass the good news to you! Try it out and let me know what you think! 😀 Oh and what do you think about the

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What is a good acne treatment for oily skin that is fairly cheap?

Question by Mkay: What is a good acne treatment for oily skin that is fairly cheap?
My face is always so oily and recently I’ve been getting more zits, but my budget is a little tight. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Kyle
i use cleocin, its prescribed but its cheep and it works really good 🙂

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