What’s the best face cream for oily skin?

Question by Jenny B: What’s the best face cream for oily skin?

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Answer by Shalise B
ugh.oily skin

go to bath and body works and they’ll tell you

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  1. Clinique 3-Step

    Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. 3 Steps, 3 minutes, twice a day–that’s all it takes. Our 3-Step Skin Care System makes it happen, developed by our guiding dermatologists to create great skin without a lot of fuss. We could go on. But it’s the fresh, clear face in the mirror that will convince you–when after a week or so on 3-Step, you catch your skin smiling at you. YES, you’ll have reason to smile back. Even if you have sensitive skin. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

  2. like a moisturiser? look for one in a beauticians shop or a known shop with specialists that can help you, but I would go for one that dries it up a little but not too much. definiatly no balms as they are oilier than moisturisers. but yeah anything that will help dry up the oil in it and definiatly with sunscreen in it=]

  3. actually go to sally beauty supply and look for a whit plastic package with face wipes and you use them at night before bed and in the morning trust me you will see the difference

  4. have you heard of witch hazel? it sounds bad but its really cheap and its supposed to clean your face. it doesnt have those bagillion chemicals in it so it wont irritate your skin. try it. its @ wal mart. good luck! i haven’t tried it, but im DYING to!

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