What is the best moisturizer for your face?

Question by HeatherHugz: What is the best moisturizer for your face?
I have dry, sensative skin.
And i can’t go out there and buy something expensive.
And if i use some moisturizers, i get clogged pores, or it makes me breakout. And if i use lotion i get breakouts.

The worst dry spots are the corners of my mouth, and my forehead.
I know its winter, but any suggestions will help ^-^

Thanks ahead.
I’ve tried aveeno, But it seemed to be to oily for my skin x-x;

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  1. First of all,for dry and sensitive skin,all you need is a gentle cleanser to unclog your pores gently and most importantly,you need a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and improve your skin moisture balance.For cleanser,I would recommend you to use either Dove or Aveeno products for cleansing.For moisturizer,I would recommend you to try Vitamin E Moisturizer or Nivea Moisturizer since both of these moisturize your face without making it oily and cause breakouts.Plus,do remember to apply sunblock products when you go outdoors to prevent dry skin.Always opt for an oil free moisturizer if you want your skin to be moisturized without having breakouts.Hope I helped(:

    P/s:You could always go seek a help from a dermatologist if you want since your derm could prescribed you the best medication for your skin.Good luck!!

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