What is a good face wash for men that treats oily skin and acne?

Question by nachomanfork: What is a good face wash for men that treats oily skin and acne?
My skin is really oily. It’s nasty. I also have A LOT of blackheads and pimples. More blackheads then pimples. Any suggestions?

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Answer by reddhotz2000
the #1 suggestion is to see a dermatologist and get on the meds needed to treat your acne. They usually will give you samples of some of the skin cleansers, and one of them is Neutogena’s Foaming Face Cleanser with a pump bottle so that it stays clean and not contaminated. They will also give you other meds to get rid of the blackheads and then to exfoiliate your skin, too. It’s money well spent and the acne will go away.

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  1. My husband has VERY oily skin or should I say had? Anyway, I have him do a twice daily regiment. The acne can be treated topically and with vitamin E gelcaps taken once a day orally.
    First: switch from deodorant soap to an antibacterial soap.
    Second: wash your face separate from the shower (shampoo’s and conditioners can get back on the face during showering).
    Washing: Do not use a cloth! Using your hands wet your face with WARM water and wash with the antibacterial soap. Rinse with WARM water. Pat dry. Using a cotton ball apply peroxide over the face (dont scrub and avoid the eyes and mouth). Rinse again with WARM water and follow this with a COLD splash to close the pores.
    Do this again at night (wash, rinse skip the cold rinse, pat dry) except instead of using peroxide use rubbing alcohol and don’t rinse (alcohol evaporates as it dries) avoid flames until the skin is dry.
    It is not an overnight fix but it will help.
    ALSO, a once a week peel off face mask works wonders for blackheads and it feels wonderful. I dont recommend exfoliating as it can irritate acne. If you have acne spots that are painful, apply a warm compress to ease the swelling. Ice also works.

  2. SalAc is a very good option — it can be used as a wash *and* as a leave-on treatment. It also helps other treatments penetrate more deeply into the skin and be more effective. You can buy this from DermStore.com or Amazon.com. It seems to work much better than other products containing salicylic acid and is very effective at controlling oily skin, blackheads, and pimples. If you are looking for a prescription treatment, I would recommend Clinac BPO if you have really oily skin. It’s a product with benzoyl peroxide but also has a patented ingredient called Acrysorb, which is unparalleled at absorbing oil from the face. You can buy a lotion, without prescription, which contains Acrysorb online called OC-8 (OC Eight) and use it in conjunction with the SalAc. I feel confident you will find good results with any/all of these options.

  3. Firstly using substances derived from vitamin A like retin-a or tazarotene, to reduce inflammation of the skin and to unplug pores. Retin-A can cause skin reddening at first but this is quite normal as the skin’s blood supply is improved and younger looking skin begins to appear presenting a youthful complexion. Using a product that includes zinc will also help the vitamin a function better.
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