Q&A: How to get a flawless clear complexion and get rid of oily shiny skin (permanently)?

Question by Kikki: How to get a flawless clear complexion and get rid of oily shiny skin (permanently)?
Okay I really need some good help ASAP! Helpful advice, no negativity please…

I suffer from oily, shiny skin and stubborn pimples here and there. I know good skin is pretty much in your genes or but I’m generally healthy and sporty and still my skin isn’t great.
I wash my face twice everyday (once in the morning, once in the evening) with Avene cleanance gel – which is supposed to be gentle and for oily skin – but it doesn’t do much to get rid of my shiny/oily face or the pimples I have. I’ve had the same redness and pimples for months now!

I aware that washing your face too much just causes more oil so I don’t overwash it. I want to reduce the shine all over as well as to get rid of the redness on my face and even out my skin tone for the long term. How can I do this?

I use blotting pads sometimes and I recently bought a Maybelline oil control loose powder from a local pharmacy that I plan to use at school (everyday maybe?) in hopes of getting rid of the excess oil on my face – I haven’t tried it yet though but is it a good idea?

Up until now I’ve never really used much makeup and powders or whatever on my face as my mother insists that it is best to let my face breath and to be natural which I agree with, but what is the solution to a normal skin type?

I’ve heard that Bare Minerals is a good brand – can someone give me examples of some good products by Bare Minerals that might work for me and that suit my situation? (I’ve never had experience with the brand – are the products natural?).

…please give me any nice tips or products that ACTUALLY work… I really hate my skin and I would just love a beautiful clear face with no shine or the gross oiliness when I wake up every morning.

*extra details might be added later on at the bottom*

Thanks in advance, the help is all really really appreciated!!

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew
Drink lots of water. Make sure you get a full 8 hours sleep. Stick to a skin care routine a clenser toner and moisturiser. Look up products for you skin type. Oatmeal mask has helped my complexion i do it once a week and it makes my face glow and reduces redness. Witch hazel for spots is really good and helps spots. Some other natural ingredents are tea tree oil (very good for killing bacteria) Toothpaste not gel toothpaste though ( this dries out spots) Olive oil there are many sucess stories on this helping peoples acne. Leaving vaseline on skin over night gets rid of redness i don’t no how it works but it does.

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