Skin Care Routine! (Oily/Sensitive/Red/Acne-Prone)


10 Replies to “Skin Care Routine! (Oily/Sensitive/Red/Acne-Prone)”

  1. @Juicycouture0808 Thank you so much! I’m glad you do. 🙂 Let me know what
    other types of videos you’d like to see in the future! <3

  2. @ShoppedTilIDropped Thank you SO MUCH, Amber! Your skin looks amazing too
    though! And I have DEEP, pitted scars as well that are terrible without
    makeup. But I’ll tell ya, that Neutrogena Healthy Skin is good stuff! 😀

  3. love your video. finally somebody who also has oily sensitive red and acne
    prone skin. but my skin may be worse though. the clean and clear cleanser
    burned my skin. basically all drugstore and most high end cleanser burned
    my face (i tried almost everything). and im allergic to all neutrogena
    products and idk why. and i get about 5 to 10 new cystic acne each day. and
    i can wash my face 4 times and my face can still be oily(actually tried it

  4. @everythingwithsam Yeah, they try to trick you will all the beads and
    stuff. I find that it actually causes my acne scars to be even more
    pronounced when I use harsher products. 🙁

  5. btw ponds cream makeup remover is also good and it smells like cucumber
    melon! 🙂 Annnd you can order off Avon website for the avon makeup remover!

  6. @chrisheartsmakeup11 Ah, thanks so much 🙂 I feel like 2012 will be an
    awesome year for all of us, and not just in the skin department!

  7. you know what i thought the same thing until now as far as the harsher the
    chemicals the better it works so maybe I should try lighter weight
    products. I like feel like that if it has scratch stuff in it, it words
    haha. 🙂 As always love your video Chris!

  8. @BeautynSuchbyJess Speaking of skin YOURS totally improved too! It was
    awesome to begin with, but now it’s flawless! I guess 2012 is looking good
    for the three of us in the skin department. 😀

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