Q&A: What is the best acne product for very oily skin?

Question by : What is the best acne product for very oily skin?
My skin is very oily around the forehead and nose area. I’ve used alcohol to try and dry it up, but it doesn’t help. I’ve also used Proactive to control the acne, but it also doesn’t help. Does anyone know anything I can buy from the store, not off TV, that will help?

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Roaccutane is quite strong and have many side affects, i think you should try other methods first before even trying roaccutane. Different products would treat different skin type, you should check out these 10 acne product reviews. http://www.healthwealthbase.com/acne-care-and-treatment/ten-top-acne-product-review and see how these celebrities overcame their acne http://www.healthwealthbase.com/acne-care-and-treatment/celebrities-with-acne

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  1. Ouch, never use alcohol on acne as it will make it WORSE, my facial skin is similar to yours, it’s oily on the T zone (the forehead and nose) and dry everywhere else, thus I always had acne on my forehead and nose, mostly on forehead though.
    You can try the detox program that I used http://morereviewz.googlepages.com/acnefree.htm (a strict diet program), I suggest you to drink lots of water and also try not to stress (I know this is almost impossible but you need to avoid stressing to the max, you probably know why I am telling you this). Good luck to you 🙂

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