Q&A: Origins or Clinique 3 Step System #4 for Oily Skin and acne?

Question by jlee05: Origins or Clinique 3 Step System #4 for Oily Skin and acne?
I have been using Origins Deep Down Scrub Cleanser and the Toner for Oily Skin. I LOVE the way these products make my skin feel, but they are doing absolutely NOTHING for my acne-prone skin. So I need to make a change.

Products with Salicylic Acid make me breakout in painful cystic acne so I can’t use anything with that in it and Benzoyl Peroxide seems to burn my skin. So I am trying to just use some good systems that don’t have those two chemicals in them. I am thinking of trying the Clinique 3 Step System number 4 because it is for oily skin. Need some opinions! Thanks!

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Answer by Jaed1122
I think Clinique 3-Step is great. I have been using it since I was in my late teens. I would switch to another brand for some reason, but always return to Clinique. I am now thirty and my skin looks better than ever.

I think what makes Clinique unique is the Clarifying Lotion, which is somewhat like a toner. It is actually exfoliating everytime you use it, so you are getting all the dead skin cells off of the top layer of skin and the moisturizer is effective. Getting it off also helps to keep your pores open and unclogged, which has a lot to do with acne and pimples. I think that is what I needed when I would switch to other brands that didn’t have that.

I have oily skin, but never had too much of a problem with breakouts, other than monthly. It is always best to be on a system, though, and Clinique is good because it is dermotoligist and allergy tested, and they really aren’t that expensive. Clinique has kept my skin in pretty good shape, and when I do have a pimple, it isn’t bad at all.

I highly recommend it, but I would definitely talk to a rep in person or online. I know online they are offering discovery kits for each skin type for fifteen bucks. They are very good about returning products too, if it does not work for you. It doesn’t hurt to try at all.

Good luck.

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