Q&A: How to not have a oily face ANYMORE?

Question by honor_c4: How to not have a oily face ANYMORE?
I have a oily face and I tried some ways, but I still have a oliy face. I have just some acne, like not too much and not too little. And when I wash my face, I use Cetaphil (Skin refreshment wash) for day, shower, and night. I ask my doctor what to do about it and she said just these face wips with some chemical in them. But I use them and it helps for about maximum 30 minutes, then it gets oily again. I drink about 5 cups of water about just about and I eat decently healthy, like not too much junk food, but some. So, basically is there a way to remove it all or atleast reduce the amount of oil on my face?

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Answer by Cohoboy
Be thankful that you have an oily face, they wrinkle less.
When you are 50 years old, you will have nice skin, and all of your friends who don’t have oily faces right now will look like prunes.

If you have acne, then Accutane will dry your face and rid you of the acne, but it is a very expensive prescription drug with scary side effects.

Do not use any wipes with alcohol, because the rebound effect that will make your face even oilier, in a short time.

A mild soap, like Dove and water will clean your face and not lead to oily rebound problems.

Oil absorbing powder, available in compacts, or loose made with cornstarch will help keep the oil down during the day, and prevent shine.

Try to find a colorless powder because tinted foundation powders look phony and can streak.

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  1. Start with a shampoo for oily hair.
    Then pure and natural products for your face. Arbonne, Burts Bee, Nutragena
    Before washing it take a wash cloth and heat it in micro and apply to face, and repeat then wash and toner and acne cream.
    Wash your face twice a day do a weekly mask for oily skin and exfoliate twice a week.

    Take vitamins a and e orally and lots of water.

  2. there are some realy good face washes like clinque for oily skin the bar and an astringint no lotion that clogs the pores and and cause the sweat gleans to release sweat and make oily skin the whole eat greasy food you get greasy skin and zitts ia a myth tho drink plinty of water i think it works alittle ohhh and after sweating you need to wash ur face w/ hand soap never wash your face with face wash more then 2 times but be sure to wash presistently

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