Oily Skin??

Question by sepulfact01: Oily Skin??
I have very oily skin on my face. I don’t wear makeup. Even when I just step out of the shower, or wash my face and don’t put any moisturizer on it’s still oily.
Does anyone have any tips???

I wanna be able to leave the house without my face looking like it’s dirty, oily, and I have a lot of moisturizer on! Ha.

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  1. Use a shampoo for oily hair and repeat in the shower –
    follow afterwards by using a hot compress to your face to draw out all the dirt – and wash with a face wash for oily skin.
    Apply a stridex acne wipe – and let it air dry –
    also good is a toner found in acne products or witch hazel –
    I’d use a mineral powder foundation –

    AND at night repeat the regime –
    once a week do a mask for oily skin
    twice a week exfoliate (products for your skin types)

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