oily face?

Question by ron: oily face?
i have an extremely oily face…… i take ashower in the morning, when i go to school my face becomes oily, its crazy, it stays dry only for 2 or 4 hours

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Answer by bacardi b
clean and clear has what is called oil or blemish sheets.. they are thin like tissue paper and you just blot your face with them when ever you feel oily and they take it all away!! so small and convenient!! they work great. oh and a lil home secret.. i kno its weird.. but malox- the stomach and heartburn med.. in liquid form, use that on your face, it dries the oil right up. because its used to dry the upsetting acids in your stomach. it really works

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  1. Hope u r a preety & beauty concious girl!! so
    Plzzz do try to wash ur face with rose water everyday,before taking bath….Ok!
    It will help to reduce oil from ur skin!with out any side effects!!!!
    It will really work!!!! thats what i have done & i m getting good fitback from this process..
    So best of luck!!!!!!Dear!!

  2. You should steam your face. It is really easy, You just turn on your hot water of your sink and put a towel over your head. do this for about 5 min. Your pores will open up and then wash your face with a mild soap.

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