My Skincare Routine: Sensitive, Oily, Acne Prone Skin

Heyy guys here are the products I use on a daily basis to help maintain my skin. Comment or send me any requests! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to SUBSCR…
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10 Replies to “My Skincare Routine: Sensitive, Oily, Acne Prone Skin”

  1. @Letta510 YES! you need to moisturize regardless if have dry or oily skin.
    that was my biggest mistake when i was growing up and testing products. all
    i would use would be a cleanser and an acne medicated solution bcuz i never
    knew that i had to moisturize my skin afterward. just use the right
    moisturizer for you skin type.

  2. thank you <3 i was just looking at my moisturizer ive been using and its
    called dual action by clean and clear and i think the reason my skins still
    staying dry is because it has acne fighting ingredients in it as well. um
    this doesnt have to do with what you said here, but you said in another
    video that the clarisonic helps fade your acne it just the
    clarisonic or would the olay cleansing tool or dermanew cleansing tool work
    just as well?

  3. do you think you have to use moisturizers when you have dry skin? because i
    dont and my skin gets really oily so im afraid if i do it would be 10x as

  4. @jmaceh1114 ive tried proactiv before a looong time ago, but I didnt like
    it bcuz the chemicals in the product dried my skin out. i think the only
    reason for that is bcuz i didnt properly moisturize my skin after using the
    medicated products. after trying tons of products i came across the
    clinique acne solutions line at it worked wonders for me. but honestly my
    best advice with proactiv would be to make sure your moisturize your skin
    after using the 3 steps bcuz your skin may be irritated.

  5. I was literally right in the middle of doing somethimg and i had to stop to
    watch your video when i seen you uploaded one lol. But i have oily
    sensitive acne prone skin too so im really interested in these products.
    Which would you say keeps your acne away the best? Because i tried this oxy
    clinical stuff and it totallllly ruined my cheeks. i have like 20 little
    bumps on each and theyre leavin scars 🙁 Im on proactiv right now but i
    dont think its working. :/ Its depressing.

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