My Skin-Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin (Sensitive, Combination of Oily Skin)

How I cleared my Acne-Prone Skin? I know I talked a lot in the beginning of this video but I wanted to make sure that I get my story across for those who str…
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6 Replies to “My Skin-Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin (Sensitive, Combination of Oily Skin)”

  1. My sis had gotten cystic and severe acne since she was 17. She’s now 36 and
    only this past year eliminated her acne pimples. She came across the Acne
    Executioner (Google it) and it demonstrated to her how to heal break-outs.
    She laughs considerably more, and that is brilliant to look at.

  2. you really need to slow down with the exfoliation …I know what you mean
    about the feeling after exfoliation but scrubbing twice a day + clarsonic
    is damaging the upper epidermis of your skin..I can tell from the video
    that the redness is showing through….I would recommend st.ives twice a
    week…the rate at which dead cells build up is definitely not daily… you
    should try chemical exfoliation and not physical if you can. sometimes less
    is more. not trying to bash you in fact I find you very

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