My daily Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin ( Part 1 )

Hey Butterfly’s I wanted to make this Video for all those out there like myself that have oily skin. So here it is my skin routine for day and night. Morning = Proactiv 3 step system, Purminerals Intensive Eye cream, Smashbox Lip Exfoliate, and finally (sowwy I forgot to mention this product) Laura Mercier Lip Silk. Night = St Ives Apricot Scrub, Clinique Bar soap for oily skin, Purminerals Moisture Infusion for Oily skin,Smashbox Lip Defoliant, Sephora Brand Tricks of the Trade Lip Balm and finally Benefit Eyecon eye cream. These products I use just Once a week ( every Sunday ) = Proactiv pore Cleaning System for oily nose, and Purminerals Mineral Mudd Masque. ] There you go butterfly’s that are all the things I use!!!!

5 Replies to “My daily Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin ( Part 1 )”

  1. My little sister had the same issue but she called proactive and they sent her a 3 step system thats for people with sensitive skin, but it still did not work for her. The thing with proactive just like all products out there it’s different for EVERY skin. WHat works for you may not work for others. its all trial and era. hope you have a great day, and thank you for watching my vid, also hope you found something else that works well for your skin.

  2. proactive irratates my skin, i wouldnt reccomend it for sensitive skin people. what happend with me, i put some of the ‘face’ wash on, and get out the shower. my skin is fire red, ‘everywhere i applied it’ and left marks where my fingers and hand have been when i was rubbing it in.s o dont get it OR ELSE thats if your skin is really. really. sensitive

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