Model Skincare: My Oily Skin Routine!

Model Ruth Crilly discusses nighttime treatment of oily skin and suggests suitable products. For more tips and tricks from a fashion model, go to
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13 Replies to “Model Skincare: My Oily Skin Routine!”

  1. gah, how do you look gorgeous with a gap? i gotta gap & i look ridiculous. anyway, thanks for the video, it helped alot (:

  2. hmmm. I don’t have that one – try and avoid anything that feels harsh with lots of alcohol in it, you don’t want to strip the skin of its oils, it just produces more to compensate! You could use after one-step cleanser, yes. xx

  3. 🙂 hi ruth
    would you also recommend the decleor toner or might this be to harsh for oily or combination skin? and would it also be ok t use in combination with de calrins one step cleanser? 😉
    thank you btw for all your lovely videos! 🙂 helped me and my skin alot 😀

  4. Hi, I am wondering if I can use moisture gel and Clinique’s cream in a same time. Isn’t it too much and heavy for skin? Thx

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