How to treat oily skin!?

Question by : How to treat oily skin!?
I wash my face with Clearasil Daily Clear, claiming to help with pores and to help dirt and oil..twice a day. I gently apply it with warm water and splash cool water upon my face afterwarss like a magazine suggested, to help clog pores…However I still have VERY OILY SKIN! I cannot wear makeup because within and hour it will come off!

I’ve tried many different types of foundation and wear waterproof eyeshadow, water proof eyeliner and mascara but it seriously comes straight off! I havee many blackheads and breakouts on my chin nose and forehead! I eat healthy and refrain from touching my face..but its prone to acne and breakouts and is oily!

What products do you suggest ?What can I do to keep makeup on?!?!

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I have very oily skin to and I hate it!! I use the same face wash as you and it doesn’t help that much :/ but I use a natural home remedy that helps me quit a bit. Mix 1/2 cup of sugar and 3 spoons of olive oil and put it All over ur face and keep it on for at lease 15 minutes (more if possible) and do this at least twice a week. It works for me. Don’t be scared because its olive oil I know when I heard about it I’m like I am NOT putting olive OIL on my OILY skin but I gave it a change and it makes my face feel so good. If you don’t want to try this home remedy, or want another one e-mail me at And I’ll be happy to give you another one! Hope I helped!!(:

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  1. 1. Use a gentle gel cleanser. A creamy face wash may leave a residue on your skin, prompting a greasy feel and oily look.

    2. Wash twice a day — no more. Too much washing can dry out your skin, causing it to produce even more oil.

    3. Tone carefully. Look for a toner without alcohol, which can cause skin to become dry. Instead, choose a toner with witch hazel or other soothing ingredients, and use after every wash.

    4. Don’t skip sunscreen. Many women with oily skin forego face lotion. But everyone, no matter what her skin type, needs sunscreen. Use a gel SPF formula.

    5. Avoid moisturizing makeup. Foundation for older skin is usually formulated to be moisturizing, which means it contains oils and humectants that your skin doesn’t need. Instead, choose an oil-free foundation.

    6. Use powder. A translucent powder applied after your foundation will help the base stay smudge-proof all day, and will help curb mid-day greasiness.

    7. Blot away shine. Use a blotting paper, made especially to absorb oil without ruining makeup, during the day when you need to squelch shine. Don’t cake on lots of powder, which can settle into fine lines and look heavy.

    8. Try a mask. A clay-based mask, used once or twice a week, cleanses pores (which often become blocked on women with oily skin).

    9. Go for powdered makeup. Eye shadow and blush in powder form will stay put on your oily skin longer than cream- or pencil-based products.

    10. Rule out any skin conditions. If you notice your skin becoming more oily, flaky, or breaking out more often, see your dermatologist. He or she may diagnose you with a mild skin condition such as rosacea or seborrhea, which are easily treatable with prescription topical medications.

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