How to get rid of oily face? I am allergic to all cosmetics!!?

Question by : How to get rid of oily face? I am allergic to all cosmetics!!?
I have a very oily face and i am allergic to all the face wash,face cleansers etc etc. I get a painful headache when ever i use them, and my eyes get red and burn. I have tried almost every face wash and face cleanser, i am actually allergic to most of the cosmetics, be it deodorant, perfume, or body powder.
So what should i do now?

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Answer by Linnéa
wash it

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  1. wash your face with cold water and mint extract or lemon juice.. then when you are done pat it dry and use gentle baby powder(if your allergic use an all natural corn starch.. just anything that will absorb moisture).. Put some in your hand and with a fluffy face brush cover your face.

    ~Hope this helps~

  2. Simple answer: “Lubriderm advanced” for extra dry hands
    Long answer:
    I had pimples well past 21yrs. I found the cure by accident. I ran out of shaving cream. I get razor burn easily. So I said to myself, what else do I have that will work? I tried a bunch of stuff on the counter and found that Lubriderm hand moisturizer worked well (it did clog my razor a little if I did not wash it out quickly). I am really cheap, so I kept using the stuff rather than purchasing more shaving cream. By the time the bottle was gone, so were my pimples. I use “Lubriderm advanced” for shaving every day now and have no acne. I took a narcotics class later and my professor seemed to think that by adding the moisture every day that my skin stopped over producing its own. Oh, I also tried all the acne remedies but they all caused me to breakout more (probably makes people buy more) Note: don’t wash it off when you’re done. Just wipe off the white parts that show with a hand towel. The company just came out with a shaving cream, but I haven’t tried it and wont because I’m not experimenting anymore.

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