Homemade Face Masks for Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

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21 Replies to “Homemade Face Masks for Oily/Acne-Prone Skin”

  1. Haha, it’s funny how the body works. I’m super dry… my hair, face, whole body is just always dry, to the point parts flake. Ew, I know. And here you are really oily. At least we have enlarged pores the same. LOL!

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  3. I’ve been doing the egg white trick for almost a year now and works soooo good! Tightens skin and minimizes pores..great to do before applying your makeup for the day.

  4. I just read something about a baking soda & water mask/scrub that’s supposed to help with acne & get rid of blackheads which I have horribly bad. I’m going to try it tonight & I so hope it works! I also can’t wait to try the egg white trick. Hopefully my skin will look a little better by this weekend. In my house Christmas = loads of pics!

  5. @JillianFreaks Yeah… Words cannot describe how thankful I am to ahve stumbled upon this acne solution site StopAcneNow.co.cc.. This literally brought my self confidence up to wheer it was before I had an acne few months back..:))

  6. hey rachel i love ur videos , ive been watching them here or there for a year since i was 10, now im 11 turning 12 , i lov ur videos!Mybe you could do videos on you and chris , like the wedding updates like you said, or maybe clothe styles that you recomend , or your favorite stores, or even a video non an exiting trip or something.

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