good moisturiser for oily skin?

Question by eli dingle <3: good moisturiser for oily skin?
i have really oily skin and i use facewash and cleanse and tone but its still oily does anyone know a reallly good facewash or moisturiser??

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Answer by nasty nurse
I work for a dermatologist, she always advises oil free moisturizers. A good cleanser she usually suggests is either Cethaphil or Cerave, both are soap free cleansers, and they both also have very nice oil free moisturizers. Good Luck.

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  1. Have you ever use Abrione? is a great product
    1. Try “Clean Slate N/O” facial cleanser
    2. Apply Balancing Act N/O” toner
    3. Exfoliate twice a week with “Microdermabrasion Scrub N/O”
    4. Apply a good moisturizer with solar protecion is so light I love it
    follow these steps and you will see the results
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