Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) Reviews

Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)

  • Entry Level Professional Strength Peel; approx. 15 full facial peels per bottle
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth
  • Ideal for dry skin, hyperpigmentation and premature aging
  • Evens skin tone and minimizing areas of discoloration for all skin types
  • Cumulative benefits and optimal results with weekly treatments

Glycolic Acid is a superficial peeling agent that is made from sugar cane. It is often considered the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA).
Glycolic/35 works beneath the skin to stimulate collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Working below the surface there is generally very little visible peeling with the Glycolic/35.
With repetitive and continuous use, improvement to skin tone and texture occurs.
Once inside the skin’s cell, glycolic acid will s

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    This product is my Holy Grail, March 8, 2009
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    This review is from: Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) (Misc.)

    My skin and I haven’t been on speaking terms for years. Horrible, brutal, stubborn, disfiguring cystic acne, so viciously tenacious that I had to go through…yes, count ’em…not one, but TWO rounds of Accutane to rid my self of it, and I STILL get a nice cyst on my back or chest every once in a while. I had pockmarks on top of pockmarks…forehead, cheeks, temples, chin, bridge of my nose even. I hate my skin, I really do. I’ve gone through 2 deep dermabrasions (through a plastic surgeon, not the micro kind), plus about 30 DEEP chemical peels. My scarring improved a lot.

    But professional options get expensive, and taking weeks at a time off while my skin healed wasn’t feasible. So I tried other methods to get rid of the rest of the scarring.

    Over-the-counter products like Mederma didn’t help. Then as I aged, I got grayish, blotchy, dull, oily-here-wrinkly-there skin to add to my scars.


    I’ve used salicylic acid, makes my skin red and papery. I’ve used Mederma, nothing.

    Sorry for the big lead in, but I wanted to give y’all a good idea of what I was already “facing” (sorry for the bad pun).

    I saw this Skin Laboratories 35% Glycolic Acid peel advertised, decided it certainly couldn’t hurt.

    Bought it, received it very quickly, followed the easy-to-follow directions, love it. The lifeless, grayish appearance of my skin is gone. My smaller scars and pores are much diminished, after only 5 weeks of use, so much so that I can actually COUNT the number of scars I have left. (There were so many before, it was useless to count).

    I will admit, I modified the instructions to fit my needs. I leave it on ten minutes at a time. Remember, I am a veteran of strong deep (EXPENSIVE) professional chemical peels, so my skin is quite tolerant to acid. I don’t get a visible see-your-skin-flake-off “peel” from this product either (something a few of you have complained about), but that’s so much the better! I don’t have to miss work for a week at a time to let my skin heal, like with the strong chemical peels. But believe me, the skin cells ARE sloughing off and being replaced. You know how that 10 pounds just snuck up on you after the holidays, and you didn’t notice? The skin rejuvenation you will get using this product is the same way: you don’t notice it until it’s done it’s work.

    I use this product once a week. After next week (my 6th), I’ll wait a month before I go through the cycle again.

    I’m also going to start using this product on my chest, which of course, is also scarred and weather-beaten.

    Skin Laboratories, I Bow Before You. This is a superior product.

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    WOW… WOW.. WOW, June 11, 2008
    Emmly (Midwest) –

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    This review is from: Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) (Misc.)

    I always tend to stay away from chemical peels because of the horror stories I hear and because I have fair, oily, acne prone skin.

    I purchased the 35% peel just to try it; to see if I’m missing anything. I’m sorry I didn’t have the guts to try it sooner. :o)

    It is absolutely fantastic. I had a couple of breakouts I could not, for the life of me, get rid of. I put this on with a cotton ball, and I did wait the full 4 minutes; it tingled, but did not burn in any way. I washed it off and thought “okay, no miracles here”. My face did feel smoother but that’s about it.

    The next two days I noticed quite the improvement. My chin cleared up and my face was, again, smoother, and more even and most importantly, no breakouts. I did not need to even put on powder (which I did not live without).

    You do have to use a moisturizer after the peel. I did the first time, but because my face is oily, I didn’t use one the second time. BIG mistake! My face was red and it still tingled 20 minutes after I rinsed off the peel.
    As soon as I put moisturizer on, my face felt better and the redness went away.

    This peel works wonders for me. I will keep on using it. It’s definitely worth the money.

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