First Look | Garnier BB Cream Combination-Oily Skin Medium/Deep

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19 Replies to “First Look | Garnier BB Cream Combination-Oily Skin Medium/Deep”

  1. I have very oily skin and I have tried the new Garnier BB cream and it is
    not good for my skin
    It made my skin oily after 2 hours and because I powdered it, it looked
    I am still on the search for a good one that fits my oily skin. 

  2. i dont knew that u have an other account on youtube, i was wondering why
    you dont upload videos anymore lol now i found you again bbecuase of your
    old account 🙂 glad that u are back ;)

  3. I haven’t tried any of those from Clinique. I have tried the PTR and
    Smashbox CC creams though and they are not for me because they are more
    moisturizing compared to BB creams. I have very oily skin. The only 2 BB
    creams I really like are the Smashbox and the Garnier one here.

  4. Your natural skin looks amazing, and I loved your eye makeup. 🙂 thanks for
    the review. Very helpful. ESP because I have oily skin too 🙁

  5. Yes I have, there’s a review of it on my blog. I don’t always do a video
    for reviews. Link is in my channel you can just search the BB cream on the
    blog. I can’t post links here

  6. Aww thank you 😀 ! I love making videos and as long as there is YouTube I
    will be making them. I love the YouTube and blogging community!

  7. have you tried the l’oreal magic bb cream? I have a missha bb but thats
    heavy I actually want a quick one with some spf from the ds, uhg i hate
    trying to color match!

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