Best sunscreen moisturizer for oily skin?

Question by : Best sunscreen moisturizer for oily skin?
Hi, I’m a 15 year old girl who’s looking for a daily sunscreen moisturizer. I have generally very oily skin (but it tends to dry out during the winter) and my skin is EXTREMELY prone to redness because of my irregular sleeping schedule (one of the many joys of high school). I’m looking for a daily sunscreen moisturizer (SPF 15 is good enough for me) that will not leave my skin oily/greasy and can soothe redness. I am currently using Aveeno’s SPF 30 daily sunscreen moisturizer, and I have to use TWO large oil blotting sheets immediately after applying it. Please recommend come non-greasy, non-drying sunscreen moisturizers that can soothe redness! Thank you so much!
PS- I’m contemplating between St. Ives Elements Mineral Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Neutrogena – Intensified Day Moisture SPF 15 any thoughts?

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Answer by FLhazel79
I like almay daily moisturizer with SPF 15 because it is good for sensitive skin.

But after using ANY sunscreen/moisturizer I have to use oil blotting sheets in my T-Zone. Still I’ve tried so many and it is personal preference, but I like almay.

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