Best Drugstore Acne Cleanser for Oily Skin?

Question by Camille: Best Drugstore Acne Cleanser for Oily Skin?
I have had bad skin for about 3 years (I’m 14 now). I have tried the dermatologist and every brand under the sun (proactiv, neutrogena, clean & clear, clearisil, biore, you name it, i’ve tried it) and nothing seems to work. I’m going to try another drugstore cleanser, what do you recommend? I have very oily skin, I don’t have big pimples, but I have the little ones all over my face. Thanks for helping!

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Answer by CM
My brother had really bad acne for a long time and tried different things, even ones prescribed by dermatologists and they didn’t work. He now uses obaji and it has cleared up his skin dramatically. I use it sometimes too as I have mild acne and it helps keep my face clear. Hopefully this helps!

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  1. y dont u just see a deramatolagist since these drugstore products arent working. bt make sure u drink lots of water daily, eat healthy, exercise nd try not to stress too much, also make sure u change ur pillowcase often it could absorb oil and dirt. vitamins are good 2, try taking Nature Made For Her. im sure if u do all of these things u shud clear up. 🙂 also make sure u moistureize, that can cause ur skiin to b oilier if its not moist enough. my sister had terrible acne she did all of these things and her skin cleared up beautifully. i also hav oily skin nd i hate it. well i hope i helped. good luck.

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