5 Great High Protection Facial SPFs (Summer Model Tips)

I’m back from Greece – brace yourselves for about one thousand videos filmed in the sun! xxxxxx To follow me on Twitter, click here: http://twitter.com/#!/mo…
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  1. I have added the exact link into the info for you – it’s the Anthelios for oily skin, a light fluid – I have put it underneath the original link xx

  2. I moved precisely 50 yards the whole time, so not the best person to ask! Hahaha…. Oia is beautiful though and the views from Imerovigli are amazing!! xx

  3. Oh wow, I’m going to Santorini on Monday! Any recommendations on places to go? I’m so excited, I go for 10 days. I’m going to go video mad and record loads to upload when I get back 🙂 Loving all of your videos 🙂 xxx

  4. use a total block that physically reflects the rays – just buy something that says “block” and not “screen” xx

  5. Is there anything to stop you from getting tanned in the sun?

    Just wondering because when I tan i go a really dull colour and not the glowy colour most of us like.

  6. Oh I see. I guess everyone has different skin. If I have an spf over 10 I will stay pale even if I am in the sun all day.

  7. yes – it’s pretty tanned here, isn’t it?! The SPF doesn’t stop it tanning, it just protects it. I wore SPF50 for the whole week but I’m completely tanned all over! x

  8. I tend not to wear separate products – I use either an SPF that feels moisturising or a moisturiser that includes an SPF! Never both, really. xx

  9. how about using a primer with an SPF already in it? Becca do a mineral one with SPF30. Or use a moisturiser with SPF instead, and then a regular, non-SPF primer. Whatever you choose, I’d do this order (omit whatever you don’t need/want!): Moisturiser, Primer, Foundation. Your SPF could be ‘built in’ to any of these products! xx

  10. none of them feel greasy – the Ole and the La Roche Posay would probably be the best under makeup, but if I’m on holiday I don’t usually wear makeup during the day so I haven’t tested this extensively! xx

  11. Ruth can u please make video or tell me what foundation, creams etc. u using for photoshoot to look good on camera// Please??? thank u

  12. i have a question and i hope you respond. i am trying to incorporate a good skincare routine into my makeup routine. i use a primer before my foundation because i have oily skin. now if i were to add in a sunscreen, do i put that before the primer? and i am sorry, last question, when do i put a moisturizer? or do i even need a moisturizer? i am sorry, i hope that makes sense.

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